omniCONTESTS was founded in 1996 by Executive Vice President, Patrick Seery.
A client wanted to find a way to save time and money with his awards program. Mr. Seery consulted with the client and came up with the idea of transferring the paper forms onto compact discs and then redistributing the information to judges. After witnessing the success of this idea, Mr. Seery saw the need for an online solution, and a year later, omniCONTESTS put its first awards program on the Web. Since then, omniCONTESTS has grown to be recognized as the leader in online awards programs. No matter what type of organization you are or what kind of awards program you’re interested in,omniCONTESTS can help. Contact us today for more information!


Our Executive Team


The OMNI Executive Team is passionate about providing an awards program solution of outstanding quality backed by exceptional client support.
The awards and grant program executive team:
Patrick Seery, Executive Vice President
Patrick Seery is the Executive Vice President and founder of OMNI SG. In 1996, Pat realized that organizations could cut down on the time and money spent running an awards programs by bringing it online. He is the visionary behind omniCONTESTS and a critical part of its continued success.
Pat received a Bachelor of Science in mathematics from Saint Leo University and a Bachelor of Arts in accounting from the University of Maryland. He is also a member of The Alternative Board.


Aaron Patton, Director of Sales and Marketing

Aaron recently joined OMNI SG and will be bringing his SAAS/Cloud Software and Sales experience to the team. Aaron will oversee new accounts while contributing to overall marketing efforts.
Aaron received a Bachelor of Science from the University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business double majoring in Risk Management and Marketing.


Jae Han, Senior Network Engineer
Jae Han joined OMNI SG in 1999. As Senior Network Engineer Jae is responsible for the effective operation, maintenance, and development of the company’s network of servers.
A short list of Jae’s certifications include:

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