Juried competitions are renowned for their ability to generate income and publicity, but they can be a huge headache for the organizations that sponsor them. Managing a contest can be a time and labor intensive process. The cycle starts with the call for entries. Entrants must complete and submit all forms and materials and pay for their entries. Administrators must process each entry and setup judging. Judges teams must be coordinated and have access to all materials to evaluate the entries. Scores must be computed and winners are determined. Each area requires extraordinary amount of coordination, planning, and management.


omniCONTESTS has streamlined this process. The online contest software has automated the award process for entrants, judges, and administrators. omniCONTESTS is currently being used around the globe to host regional, national, and international awards programs with entrants uploading audio, video, picture, and document files.  omniCONTESTS is the perfect solution for programs of any size, from 50 entries to 50,000+ entries.






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When it comes to running an awards or grant program online, no other solution is as easy, fast or robust as omniCONTESTS.