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With omniCONTESTS’ omniGALLERY module, you can showcase winners and entries in an online gallery. No matter what kind of contest you’re running, omniCONTESTS can be your one-stop contest management solution!


Benefits of Having an Online Contest Winners Gallery


Features of Our Online Contest Winners Gallery





Many awards programs hold events to announce their winners. The Event Registration module will allow your organization to:

The Event Registration module allows your organization to publish and promote your organization’s conferences and galas. With the Event Registration module, your organization will be able to easily communicate with attendees, update calendar listings instantly and manage event speakers.

Whether you’re a big corporation like Costco or a small company running a local awards program with 20 entries, you can benefit from our Event Registration module!


Awards Ordering


Award ordering is an important part of your awards programs, and we can make sure yours is as efficient as possible! The omniCONTESTS Award Ordering E-Store module allows your organization to operate a full-scale product gallery, including trophies and plaques, on the web. Now that judging is complete and the winners are announced, winners can order duplicate trophies and change the name listed on the trophy to honor individual team members. Recognize the achievement and the hard work of everyone involved, from the client to the producer!


Benefits of Online Award Ordering

Ordering awards for your online contest can:

Features of Our Online Award Ordering

Our award ordering management services include:

Use Existing omniCONTESTS Site for Administration – Manage entrants, store products, orders and payments in the same omniCONTESTS admin portal. Admin can track and export data into Excel from the online award ordering software at any time.

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When it comes to running an awards or grant program online, no other solution is as easy, fast or robust as omniCONTESTS.