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A Winner’s Gallery – Simply a MUST-HAVE!


A Winner’s Gallery – Simply a MUST-HAVE!

So you have had a successful awards program. All judging is complete, winners have been determined and notified. You are done for this year. What do you do? Slumber mode? Of course not! This is the time to don your marketing hats and think how you can market your program even more to watch that entry count get higher and higher every year.

One of the easiest but most impactful way is to have a Winner’s Gallery on your website to showcase the winners – both current as well as past. Showcasing your award-winning entries is the most powerful marketing tool for both – you as well as your Entrants. Let us explain how.

For your Entrants – Having their work being displayed on your association or company’s website gives them recognition, fame, and publicity. And who doesn’t want that? They will be able to give out links to your gallery to their prospects to get more business.

For you – Happy entrants and free marketing for them automatically encourages them as well as others in the industry to enter more and more thereby putting your program right up there to an enviable and desirable spot. (And if there are entry fees involved, it only means your revenue doubles and quadruples).

And all this at a cost which is just so much easier and softer on your pocket than any of your marketing campaign will ever be. Win-win situation for all, isn’t it?

OmniCONTESTS has a stunning gallery module that will impress not only you and your entrants but they will all be vying for a spot there.

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