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omniCONTESTS is your one stop award program management solution, from your call for entries to your show production. We also provide event registration, winners galleries, award show productions, and online award ordering for your programs.

Our goal is to ensure that your Awards Program is user-friendly and runs efficiently as possible for you.

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Who Can Use omniCONTESTS?

If you have an award program, we have a management solution. omniCONTESTS has worked ongoingly with clients around the world whose award programs range from 50 entries to 50,000! No matter the size, type, or location of your award program, we specialize in providing the high-tech support you need.

Our award management software is especially ideal for the following award program types:

How to Use Our Award Management Software

Typically, creating an award program involves an extensive to-do list: Prepare entry kits with forms and rules, collect applications and payment, establish judging and scoring procedures, calculate scores, and award trophies and certificates. Tired yet? We thought so.

Take the hassle out of managing your awards program with our customizable, powerful, and extremely user-friendly award management software.

These guidelines break it down for you:

  • Administrators – Use our intuitive form builder to custom design and build forms, monitor applications, email applicants, and generate reports all in one online location.
  • Applicants – Attract applicants to your custom, branded site, where they can complete the form, attach files, pay online, and submit their forms for review.
  • Judges – Access the scoring system from anywhere in the world to evaluate applications, view submissions and files, score entries, and engage with other judges.

omniCONTESTS makes managing your awards program easy by taking the entire management process online. We protect all of your data on our secure server, and have a fanatical support team available to assist you at any time. Sign up for your free trial today!

New features from our new OC5 platform:

Our complete overhaul of administrative capabilities.

Our new and improved gallery, mobile and SM integration options.

Our new features such as enhanced rating systems and advanced graphics.

Our new intuitive user-interface allowing for more robust form builders.