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omniCONTESTS powers awards, fellowships, grants, scholarships, applications, call for papers, and more, all within an advanced award management software program. Whether your goal is to simplify the application process to attract more entries to your online contest or give your judges an effortless judging platform, omniCONTESTS welcomes you to try our premier award management software today.

To see why so many national and international organizations choose our online award programs, schedule a live demo with our omniCONTESTS team or start a 15-Day free trial!

What to Expect from a Free Trial

Understanding Our Award Management Software

omniCONTESTS has been known for over 20 years for leading the industry in award program management using software that incorporates universally-friendly design. You read about how it works or schedule a live demo today.

When you start your free trial to customize your own online contest or award program with us, you can expect to see the following features:

  • Three easy-to-use portals for Applicants, Judges, and Administrators
  • An easy access interface to build custom landing pages, forms, and content
  • Access to score submissions and collect payment from anywhere in the world
  • Collated data and historical reports to easily track your success

Are you currently using an award management program that just isn’t making the cut? If you want to create totally custom designs and for your forms and landing pages, attract entrants who won’t get bogged down in the submission process, and easily judge, score, and collect payment no matter where you are located, omniCONTESTS is your favorable choice.

Begin your free trial today or contact us to learn more from our fanatical client support team!

Why Choose omniCONTESTS?

In the old days, running an award program was done all by hand. From stacks of papers, miscellaneous files, and endless postage, to bulky emails and archaic entry forms, omniCONTESTS emerged from the mess to present a seamless online solution.

Why choose us? Here are a few reasons we stand apart in the award management industry:

  • Fanatical Client SupportDoes your home office look like an Apple store, or more like a Zen retreat for The Beatles? No matter how tech-savvy you consider yourself to be, our client support team can be with you to answer any of your questions throughout every stage of the award management process.
  • Honest, Customizable PricingNo award program is the same—most vary in size, scope, and have different goals and objectives. At omniCONTESTS we give you options to choose from so that your online contest or program is priced for only the features you want and need.
  • 20+ Years in Award Management Systems – Our award software company has been leading the industry for over 20 years and is devoted to continuous improvement and customer success. When you choose us to manage your awards, fellowships, scholarships, and more, we want to be the choice award software you depend on for any sized contest, anywhere.

Are you looking to say hello to a better way to manage your online award program? Contact omniCONTESTS today to start your free trial!