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4 Tips for Operating a Photo or Video Contest


4 Tips for Operating a Photo or Video Contest

Running an awards software program is an excellent way to strengthen your organization’s brand and financial goals. Here are some helpful tips and strategies to coordinating the most efficient and innovative photo/video contest possible.

  1. Gather insight about your objectives

It is important to identify and address what is the main objective from your contest, stemming from the core of what is pressing in your community. An organization might want to have applicants submit photos and videos of societal problems facing the world. Another possibility might be to inspire people with pictures/videos of oceans, animals, nature, etc. There is no shortage of ideas to stimulate inspiration amongst the applicants to deliver well-thought out submissions. The key is to reinforce the open, communal nature in which the contests represent.

  1. Figure out what information to collect

Your organization may want the applicants of the contest to submit a paragraph about the impact of their photo/video would have on a viewer, or how the photo/video is supposed to promote change or draw inspiration. Another good idea is to accumulate the names, emails, and addresses of your applicants to connect and publicize future competitions.

  1. Set up procedures to submit photos/videos

Applicants must have specific guidelines for submitting their entries to allow them to succeed in the competition. Specifications may include size of the upload, the run time of the video, or the number of photos/videos an applicant can submit. This will relieve the judges from having to sift through enormous downloads, and ensuring that the same photo or video does not appear twice. These guidelines could be a maximum of 5 minutes per video or a limit of 3 entries per applicant.

  1. Reward the winners with prizes

A great motivating factor for receiving quality submissions is to offer a reward that is very appealing. This could be an iPad, gift card, discounts on future contests, or also cash. An interesting incentive is to include the winners in your contests by promoting them on your website or newsletters.

By utilizing these guidelines, your organization will be better positioned to start facilitating an awards program right away. Click HERE to allow omniCONTESTS to drive your awards program today!

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