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It’s time to enjoy the benefits of your awards program with none of the pain.  For over 20 years omniCONTESTS has been the premier online awards management solution.  omniCONTESTS is online awards software that provides one central location for submitting, processing and judging entries.

Our latest version of omniCONTESTS gives administrators an unprecedented level of flexibility and powerful tools to help manage their program.  Entrants and judges have never had it so easy!  We’re mobile friendly and secure with numerous payment options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the software priced? Can I see a demo?

Check out our pricing page for standard plan types and get a quote right away. Contact us if you don’t see a plan that fits your program. Customized pricing is available. For a live demo, go to our demo page, give us a few pieces of information and we’ll schedule with you right away!

What type of uploads can be captured for my online contest or grant program?

The online contest software allows any type of file (photos, audios, videos, PDF, MS Office documents, and much more) to be uploaded into an entry. Thumbnails are automatically created for JPG/JPEG images and for videos. In addition, the contest software automatically transcodes each video into a common video format geared for fast, high quality playback over the web. More than 20 video file types are supported. Judges in six continents are watching videos right now using omniCONTESTS!

Can entrants pay online? What type of online payment gateway do you support?

Entrants can pay for their entries online in a secure, SSL protected environment. Supported gateways for credit card processing include Authorize.NET, PayPal Website Payments Pro, PayPal Payflow Pro and PayPal Standard (free version).

Can we run online and on-site, or off-site judging?

Yes, judging can be configured in an unlimited number of combinations. Judging can be completed online, offline, on-site, off-site or all of the above. You can run multiple judge rounds such as Best of Show. Advancing entries from one round to another round is a breeze with the various data filters.

Is there a trial version of your product?

Yes, you can try omniCONTESTS with no obligation! You can set up your awards program and test it with no commitment until you are ready to go live. For more information about our online competition software trial, contact us today! No matter what kind of awards program or online contest you need, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction! We will give you your money back if you aren’t satisfied. That is how certain we are of your success with omniCONTESTS. Find out more about our online competition satisfaction guarantee policy!

Is there a limit to the number of entries or users?

There are no limits! omniCONTESTS is the perfect solution for competitions of any size – from 50 entries to 50,000+ entries! View the different online contest software plans we offer. omniCONTESTS is currently being used around the globe to host regional, national and international awards programs.

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