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The Premier Online Awards and Grant Management Solution

It is time to enjoy all of the benefits of your awards or grant program with none of the pain. For the past 15 years omniCONTESTS has been the premier online awards and grant program management solution. omniCONTESTS is online awards and grant management software that provides one central location for submitting, processing, and judging entries. Our latest version of omniCONTESTS gives you an unprecedented level of control over your awards or grant program and powerful tools to administer your program.

Take Control of Your Awards or Grant Program with omniCONTESTS

omniCONTESTS is currently being used around the globe to host regional, national, and international awards and grant programs with entrants uploading audio, video, picture, and document files. omniCONTESTS is the perfect solution for programs of any size, from 50 entries to 50,000+ entries. Our 3 portal solution provides Admins, Entrants/Applicants, and Judges/Reviewers the following features.


  • Collect entries and payment online
  • Video and Webinar training
  • Setup automatic emails to update Entrants and Judges
  • Customize the look and feel of your awards site
  • Generate reports for quick and easy analysis


  • Pay online
  • Register and review your information
  • Submit entries in multiple categories
  • Order trophies and awards


  • Judge/review from anywhere (online and/or on-site)
  • View, score, and print entries
  • Engage other judges with commentary feature

With omniCONTESTS, we are more than your vendor; we become your strategic partner.  Our team of client support specialist, engineers, and project managers is here each step of the way including best practices, training, site setup, on-site support if needed, and issue resolutions during the life of your competition or grant program.

omniCONTESTS can be your one stop award and grant program solution, from your call for entries to your show production.  We also provide event registration, winner gallery, award show production, and online award ordering for your award or grant program.

We encourage you to check out the many software features, schedule a demo, take advantage of our 90 day no risk trial and satisfaction guarantee.