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omniCONTESTS offers an extremely powerful and a robust solution for taking your Review process online. Be it an awards program, a contest, a grants program, scholarship or a nomination system, the entire process  Рfrom collecting applications, managing them and judging or scoring them Рcan be done online. omniCONTESTS is currently being used around the globe to host regional, national and international programs with applicants uploading videos, audio files, pictures and documents from their laptops or even their mobile phones. No program is too big or too small for us.


Do you have your gala show or an event coming up? Are you worried about how to collect registrations and keep track of them all? Look no further. You have come to the right place. OmniCONTESTS provides an online platform for your people to register online and for you to manage it all.



Showcase all your winners and their pictures in a beautiful online gallery. Organize them by categories or awards and provide search filters for your users to find exactly what they are looking for.


Do you want to sell your trophies, certificates or other merchandise to your applicants and winners? Add the store module to your awards program by a click of a button and let these online orders come through.



Create your member database with us! Our system will provide a simple way for your members to view their accounts, pay their dues, extend subscriptions, provide donations, etc. while having an easy way to enter your programs.


Provide an online view of your exhibition hall or concert seats and let your customers select the exact spot they want, pay and reserve. Manage all these reservations on our site and run reports dynamically.