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omniCONTESTS Client Support

Are you about to embark on a journey to manage a robust award program, scholarship, fellowship, grant, or nomination program? No matter the scale or functionality needs you may have, omniCONTESTS can simplify the process. We pride ourselves on “Fanatical Client Support,” a core value that has set us apart in our 20+ years in the industry.

Do you have a question, concern, or feedback about using omniCONTESTS as your award program management software? Get in touch with our client support team now to receive timely answers!

Meet Our Fanatical Client Support Team

To give our clients the best possible experience using our award management software, we rely on a team that understands how omniCONTESTS works inside and out.

Shital Shal has been with OMNI since 2011, speaks seven languages, and oversees communication between clients and our development team to ensure that their experience is positive and helpful at every interaction.

Dan Naylor also leads the client support department, after having joined OMNI in 2011. Dan holds a degree in communications from Towson University and oversees the onboarding of new clients and champions their success as they become familiar using the tools and features of the award management software.

Do you have a question about using the omniCONTESTS award software? Contact us today!

Committed to Quality & Integrity

We wouldn’t be here today without the phenomenal clients such as Chrysler, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, and the American Advertising Federation, who relied on us to build and back their award programs with integrity and dependability.

What makes omniCONTESTS work? In part, it is due to our strong, unwavering commitment to our clients. We continuously improve our processes and respond to advancing technology to stay ahead of the game and refine our product for our clients. Read about our mission or contact us to learn more.

Demo Video

Our omniCONTESTS award management software contains three easy-to-use portals that are designed for entrants, judges, and administrators. Although many of our clients feel confident using the system within a day or two of starting their free trial, one of the easiest ways to learn how to use this software is to browse how it works, schedule a live demonstration, or watch our demo video.

Access our demo library and schedule a LIVE demo video today!

15-Day Free Trial

Other award software programs may require you to make a purchase before you have the opportunity to use the product. At omniCONTESTS, we don’t want to limit you or your award program. Try our award software free for 15 days, and don’t forget to drop us a line to let us know how you feel about it!

If you want to make adjustments to your online judging or award program, we can help. Whether you’re on day 1 or day 100 of using omniCONTESTS’ award management software, our developers and client support team are eager to help you make it the best possible experience every time.

Request a Quote

Your small awards content may have very different pricing requirements than an international awards contest. No matter the size or type of award program you wish to run, we provide honest pricing so you won’t have to spend money on anything extra—just what you need!

Request a quote from omniCONTESTS today or view our pricing list for more information.

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