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Branding Your Site

Branding Your Site

Whether your organization is using an in-house solution or contracting with another company to host your awards program, it’s important that the transition from your website to the application portal is seamless. The applicants need to feel safe and secure when entering their personal and sensitive data that it will not be compromised.

Color Coordination
Color is the most important element in keeping with consistency. If the applicant leaves a black and gold colored website for a red and purple color, it might be jarring and not feel like the same organization. It could lead to the users navigating away from it and perhaps deciding not to enter because of the unfamiliarity. With omniCONTESTS, the color can easily be controlled to the exact color hex code to match your website. Although less important, the font should also be considered and should remain consistent among the pages.

Revenue Generation
Many organizations keep their awards programs offline for the sake of saving money, even if it can consume much more time. However, bringing your awards program online should be viewed as a revenue possibility. There is plenty of space on the application site to place ads. Not just generic internet ads, but specific ads for your local community and partners. These could be placed on dedicated pages to showcase sponsors or scattered in various places for visibility. With omniCONTESTS, there are numerous additional pages available that could be setup specifically for the sponsors and other revenue generating content.

Sharp and Informative Banner
Awards programs are prestigious and are often times named after successful individuals within the organization. When designing a banner for this program to place at the top of the page, it’s important to consider a minor amount of text to include in the banner. It’s far more likely for applicants to read every bit of text in a catchy graphic than in the paragraphs of text to follow. Some information that can be embedded into the image should be the closing date and, if applicable, the gala date for the ceremony. Our support team is here to help provide input on what would be most successful with the banner both with the content and pixel height and width. Our product also offers a dedicated space for this banner.