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The Benefits of Registering Each Year

The Benefits of Registering Each Year

Don’t I already have an account…?

It’s time to start the program for year two. The setup is nearly complete, dates and fees updated, new categories, and only a few days to launch. You check to see the list of entrants and notice it blank, did my entrants not get copied over?

With OMNI, we don’t copy of the entrant accounts and ask them to register each year, here’s why:

  • Our entrant form can identify past email addresses or registrants. If the email is identified, all of the default contact fields will be filled with the information entered last year, and can be changed as well.
  • Importing old entrant accounts would not give us an accurate list for this year, as many of the entrants may not log in at all or may use a different email/username.
  • It’s been a year, most entrants aren’t going to remember their password, nor want to go through the password retrieval, its best to have them register again.
  • Having the users register again allows for easier pace comparison of entrant registration.

Our system can handle an entrant import, but we often believe the best way is to start each year fresh!